Bus timetables

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P1 Warsaw ◄► Gdansk
P2 Warsaw ◄► Bydgoszcz
P3 Warsaw ◄► Berlin ZOB
P4 Warsaw ◄► Prague
P5 Warsaw ◄► Vienna
P6 Warsaw ◄► Zakopane
P7 Warsaw ◄► Lublin
P8 Warsaw ◄► Vilnius
P9 Warsaw ◄► Radom
P10 Warsaw ◄► Rzeszów
P11 Warsaw ◄► Olsztyn
P12 Gdańsk ◄► Rzeszów
P13 Gdańsk ◄► Praga
P14 Wrocław ◄► Rzeszów
P15 Wrocław ◄► Katowice
P16 Berlin ◄► Zakopane
P17 Wrocław ◄► Szczecin
P18 Wrocław ◄► Kraków
P19 Berlin ◄► Szczecin
P1 Line: Warszawa Metro Młociny - Ostróda - Gdańsk
Warszawa d.05:3007:3008:45*09:3010:30*11:3012:30*13:3014:3015:3016:3017:3018:3019:3023:30
Ostróda d.08:4010:4011:55*12:4013:40*14:4015:40*16:4017:4018:4019:4020:4021:4022:4002:40
Gdańsk a.10:2512:2513:40*14:2515:25*16:2517:25*18:2519:2520:2521:2522:2523:2500:2504:25
P1 Line: Gdańsk - Ostróda - Warszawa Metro Młociny
Gdańsk d.04:3006:3008:3009:30*10:3011:30*12:3013:3014:3015:3016:3017:3018:3019:30*23:30
Ostróda d.06:2508:2510:2511:25*12:2513:25*14:2515:2516:2517:2518:2519:2520:2521:25*01:25
Warszawa a.09:2511:2513:2514:25*15:2516:25*17:2518:2519:2520:2521:2522:2523:2500:25*04:25
*service suspended in the period from 12 January to 26 March 2015
Express Line P2 Warszawa Metro Młociny - Toruń - Bydgoszcz
Warszawa d.06:1509:0012:0015:0018:1519:15*
Toruń d.09:3512:2515:2518:2021:3522:35*
Bydgoszcz a.10:3513:2016:2019:2022:3523:35*
Express Line P2 Bydgoszcz - Toruń - Warszawa Metro Młociny
Bydgoszcz d.05:0007:0011:2014:0017:0520:00*
Toruń d.06:0508:0512:2515:0518:1021:05*
Warszawa a.09:2011:2015:4018:2021:2500:20*
*service suspended in the period from 12 January to 26 March 2015
Express Line P3 Warszawa Metro Młociny - Łódź- Poznań- Berlin Schönefeld - Berlin ZOB
Warszawa d.06:00*08:0010:0011:1516:0018:0023:00
Łódź d.-10:35-13:5018:35-01:35
Poznań a.10:00*13:2514:0016:4021:2522:0004:25
Poznań d.-13:30----04:30
Berlin Schönefeld a.-16:35----07:35
Berlin ZOB a.-17:30----08:30
Express Line P3 Berlin ZOB - Berlin Schönefeld - Poznań - Łódź - Warszawa Metro Młociny
Berlin ZOB d.---09:30--19:30
Berlin Schönefeld d.---10:25--20:25
Poznań d.06:00*08:0011:3013:3516:0018:0023:35
Łódź d.-11:00-16:35-21:0002:35
Warszawa a.10:00*13:2515:3019:0020:0023:2505:00
*service suspended in the period from 12 January to 26 March 2015
Express Line P4 Warszawa - Łódź - Wrocław - Praga
Warszawa d.01:3004:00*05:00*06:0006:30*07:0008:00*09:0010:0011:0012:00
Łódź d.03:55NON STOP07:25*08:25NON STOP09:2510:25*11:25NON STOP13:2514:25
Wrocław a.07:2009:00*10:50*11:5011:30*12:5013:50*14:5015:0016:5017:50
Wrocław d.-----13:00-----
Praga a.-----17:50-----
Express Line P4 Warszawa - Łódź - Wrocław - Praga
Warszawa d.12:3013:3015:0016:0016:3017:0018:0018:3019:0020:30*23:00
Łódź d.NON STOP15:5517:2518:25NON STOP19:2520:25NON STOP21:25NON STOP01:25
Wrocław a.17:3019:2020:5021:5021:3022:5023:5023:3000:5001:30*04:50
Wrocław d.------23:59----
Praga a.------04:50----
*service suspended in the period from 12 January to 26 March 2015
Express Line P4 Praga - Wrocław - Łódź - Warszawa
Praga d.20:40----------
Wrocław d.01:4004:0005:0006:00*06:3007:00*08:0009:00*10:0011:0012:00
Łódź d.05:15NON STOP08:3509:35*NON STOP10:35*11:3512:35*13:35NON STOP15:35
Warszawa a.07:3009:0010:5011:50*11:3012:50*13:5014:50*15:5016:0017:50
Express Line P4 Praga - Wrocław - Łódź - Warszawa
Praga d.-08:40---------
Wrocław d.12:3013:4015:0016:0016:3517:0018:0018:30*19:0020:00*23:00
Łódź d.NON STOP17:1518:3519:35NON STOP20:3521:35NON STOP22:35NON STOP02:35
Warszawa a.17:3019:3020:5021:5021:3522:5023:5023:30*00:5001:00*04:50
*service suspended in the period from 12 January to 26 March 2015
Express Line P5: Warszawa Metro Wilanowska – Częstochowa – Katowice – Bratysława – Wiedeń
Warszawa d.06:3008:1509:1512:1515:1518:0019:0020:00*00:15
Częstochowa d.NON STOP11:45NON STOP15:45NON STOP21:30NON STOPNON STOP03:45
Katowice a.10:4513:0013:3017:0019:3022:4523:1500:15*05:00
Katowice d.-13:15---23:00---
Bratysława a.-18:55---04:40---
Wiedeń a.-20:50---06:35---
Express Line P5: Wiedeń – Bratysława – Katowice – Częstochowa – Warszawa Metro Wilanowska
Wiedeń d.22:15----08:50---
Bratysława d.23:59----10:35---
Katowice d.06:1007:1010:0012:1514:4516:4518:45*19:4523:45
Częstochowa d.07:35NON STOP11:25NON STOPNON STOP18:10NON STOPNON STOP01:10
Warszawa a.10:5511:2514:4516:3019:0021:3023:00*00:0004:30
*service suspended in the period from 12 January to 26 March 2015
Fast Line P6 Warszawa - Radom - Kielce - Kraków .......... valid from 2.03.2015
Warszawa d.06:0007:0008:0010:0013:0014:3016:0017:4519:3023:45
Radom d.07:4508:4509:4511:4514:4516:0017:3019:3021:1501:30
Kielce d.08:5509:5510:5512:5515:5517:2518:5520:4022:2502:40
Kraków d.10:5512:0512:5515:0017:5519:3021:0022:4000:2504:45
Zakopane a.-14:20-17:15-21:4523:15--07:00
Fast Line P6 Kraków - Kielce - Warszawa .......... valid from 2.03.2015
Zakopane d.-06:20-10:00-13:40-15:45-23:30
Kraków d.07:0008:3010:2512:2014:1016:0017:1518:1019:0001:35
Kielce d.09:0510:4512:3014:2516:1518:0519:2020:1521:0503:35
Radom d.10:1512:0513:4015:2517:2519:0520:3021:2022:1504:45
Warszawa a.11:5513:3515:2017:1519:0520:5522:1023:0523:5506:30
Express Line P7 Warszawa - Lublin - Rzeszów
Warszawa d.06:007:1508:3010:3012:0013:4517:3018:2021:25
Lublin a.08:5010:1511:2013:3014:5016:4520:2021:1000:25
Lublin d.09:00-11:30-15:00-20:3021:20-
Rzeszów a.12:00-14:30-18:00-23:3000:20-
Express Line P7 Rzeszów - Lublin - Warszawa
Rzeszów d.-05:20-09:15-12:45-16:0518:40
Lublin a.-08:20-12:15-15:45-19:0521:40
Lublin d.05:0008:3010:5012:2514:0015:5517:1519:1521:50
Warszawa a.08:0011:2013:5015:1517:0018:4520:1522:0500:40
Express Line P8 Warszawa - Białystok - Vilnius
Warszawa d.06:0007:5009:3012:2515:0016:0018:4021:00
Białystok a.08:5010:4012:2015:1517:5018:5021:3023:50
Białystok d.09:00---18:00---
Vilnius a*.15:00---23:59---
* According to the local time
Express Line P8 Vilnius - Białystok - Warszawa
Vilnius d*.00:50------16:10
Białystok d.05:0007:1511:1012:1514:0017:3019:2020:20
Warszawa a.07:5010:0514:0015:0516:5020:2022:1023:10
* According to the local time
Express Line P9: Warszawa Metro Wilanowska – Radom .......... valid from 2.03 to 31.03
W-wa Metro Wilanowska d.20:00
W-wa Rzymowskiego 02 d.20:07
Radom a.21:45
Express Line P9: Radom – Warszawa Metro Wilanowska .......... valid from 2.03 to 31.03
Radom d.06:30
W-wa Postępu 01 d.08:23
W-wa Metro Wilanowska a.08:30
Fast line P10 Warszawa - Radom - Ostrowiec Św. - Rzeszów .......... valid from 2.03.2015
Warszawa d.08:1512:00*16:0018:3023:59
Radom d.10:0013:45*17:4520:1501:45
Ostrowiec Św. d.11:2015:05*19:0521:3503:05
Rzeszów a.13:3017:15*21:1523:4505:15
Fast line P10 Rzeszów - Ostrowiec Św. - Radom - Warszawa .......... valid from 2.03.2015
Rzeszów d.07:3011:0015:3018:05*23:30
Ostrowiec Św. d.10:0013:2017:5020:30*01:50
Radom d.11:1514:3519:0521:45*03:05
Warszawa a.12:5516:1520:4523:25*04:45
*service suspended in the period from 12 January to 26 March 2015
Express Line P11: Warszawa Metro Młociny – Olsztyn
Warszawa d.05:5010:3514:3518:55
Olsztyn Uniwersytet Stadion d.08:3513:3517:3521:55
Olsztyn carpark at Hotel Gromada a.08:4513:4517:4522:05
Express Line P11: Olsztyn – Warszawa Metro Młociny
Olsztyn carpark at Hotel Gromada d.05:0010:0514:0019:05
Olsztyn Uniwersytet Stadion d.05:1010:1514:1019:15
Warszawa a.08:1013:1517:1022:15
Express Line P12 Gdańsk - Toruń - Łódź - Katowice - Kraków - Rzeszów
Gdańsk d.06:0009:0012:0015:1518:4523:15
Toruń d.08:2511:2514:2517:4021:1001:40
Łódź d.11:2014:2017:2020:3500:0504:35
Katowice d.15:0518:0521:0500:2003:5008:20
Kraków d.16:2019:2022:2001:4005:0509:40
Rzeszów Dw. Lokalny a.19:25--04:40-12:40
Express Line P12 Rzeszów - Kraków - Katowice - Łódź - Toruń - Gdańsk
Rzeszów Dw. Lokalny d.-07:25-14:35-22:55
Kraków d.05:1510:3013:0017:4023:3002:00
Katowice d.06:3511:5014:2019:0000:5003:20
Łódź d.10:2015:3518:0522:4504:3507:05
Toruń d.13:1518:3021:0001:4007:3010:00
Gdańsk a.15:3520:5023:2004:0009:5012:20
Fast line P13 Gdańsk - Bydgoszcz - Poznań - Leszno - Wrocław - Praga .......... valid from 2.03.2015
Gdańsk d.05:4507:3011:0016:0021:0023:45
Bydgoszcz d.08:3010:1513:4518:4523:4502:30
Poznań d.11:0012:4516:1521:1502:1505:00
Leszno d.12:3014:1517:4522:4503:4506:30
Wrocław a.14:3016:1019:4500:4505:4508:25
Wrocław d.-16:15---08:30
Praga a.-21:05---13:20
Fast line P13 Praga - Wrocław - Leszno - Poznań - Bydgoszcz - Gdańsk .......... valid from 2.03.2015
Praga d.23:55---15:40-
Wrocław d.04:5508:5011:5016:5020:4023:50
Leszno d.06:5511:0014:0019:0022:4002:00
Poznań d.08:2512:3015:3020:3000:1003:30
Bydgoszcz d.10:5515:0018:0023:0002:4006:00
Gdańsk a.13:3017:3520:3501:3505:1508:35
Express line P14 Wrocław - Kraków - Rzeszów
Wrocław d.04:4506:0007:1008:0009:0010:0011:0012:0013:00
Kraków a.07:5509:1010:2011:1012:1013:1014:1015:1016:10
Kraków d.08:10-10:35-12:25-14:25-16:25
Rzeszów a.11:00-13:25-15:15-17:15-19:15
Express line P14 Wrocław - Kraków - Rzeszów
Wrocław d.14:0014:5516:0017:0018:0019:0020:0021:00-
Kraków a.17:1018:0519:1020:1021:1022:1023:1000:10-
Kraków d.-18:20-20:25-----
Rzeszów a.-21:10-23:15-----
Express line P14 Rzeszów - Kraków - Wrocław
Rzeszów d.----06:4008:40-10:35-
Kraków d.05:0006:2007:2008:1509:1511:1512:2513:1014:25
Katowice a.---------
Wrocław a.08:1009:3010:3011:2512:2514:2515:3516:2017:35
Express line P14 Rzeszów - Kraków - Wrocław
Rzeszów d.12:40-14:40-16:40-18:4020:05-
Kraków d.15:1516:1017:1518:1519:1519:5521:1523:10-
Katowice a.-------00:25-
Wrocław a.18:2519:2020:2521:2522:2523:0500:25--
Express Line P15 Wrocław - Katowice
Wrocław d.05:3507:3509:3513:3515:3517:3519:3522:05
Katowice a.07:5509:5511:5515:5517:5519:5521:5500:25
Express Line P15 Katowice - Wrocław
Katowice d.05:0507:0509:0511:0515:0517:0519:0521:05
Wrocław a.07:2509:2511:2513:2517:2519:2521:2523:25
Express Line P16 Berlin - Wrocław - Opole - Katowice - Kraków - Zakopane
Berlin ZOB d.06:55-12:0518:50
Berlin Schonefeld d.07:30-12:4019:25
Wrocław d.11:20-16:3023:15
Wrocław d.11:3016:30-23:25
Opole d.13:0518:05-01:00
Katowice d.14:3519:35-02:30
Kraków d.16:0521:05-04:00
Zakopane a.18:2023:20-06:15
Express Line P16 Zakopane - Kraków - Katowice - Opole - Wrocław - Berlin
Zakopane d.06:2512:30-19:50
Kraków d.08:5014:55-22:15
Katowice d.10:1516:20-23:40
Opole d.11:4017:45-01:05
Wrocław a.13:1519:20-02:40
Wrocław d.13:25-19:3002:50
Berlin Schonefeld d.17:30-23:2506:40
Berlin ZOB a.18:00-23:5507:00
Express Line P17 Wrocław - Poznań - Gorzów Wlkp. - Szczecin
Wrocław d.08:0015:5023:00
Poznań d.11:2019:1002:20
Gorzów Wlkp. d.13:2521:1504:25
Szczecin a.15:0522:5506:05
Express Line P17 Szczecin - Gorzów Wlkp. - Poznań - Wrocław
Szczecin d.05:5014:4023:45
Gorzów Wlkp. d.07:3516:2501:30
Poznań d.09:4018:3003:35
Wrocław a.12:5521:4506:50
Express Line P18 Kraków - Opole - Wrocław
Kraków d.06:4010:4512:4516:4518:45-
Opole d.09:1013:1515:1519:1521:15-
Wrocław a.10:4514:5016:5020:5022:50-
Express Line P18 Wrocław - Opole - Kraków
Wrocław d.06:4508:3010:3012:3014:3018:45
Opole d.08:2010:0512:0514:0516:0520:20
Kraków a.10:5012:3514:3516:3518:3522:50
Express Line P19 Szczecin - Berlin
Szczecin d.06:4508:3012:2015:4518:2021:20
Berlin a.09:1511:0014:5018:1520:5023:50
Express Line P19 Berlin - Szczecin
Berlin d.05:2509:3511:3015:2518:3521:30
Szczecin a.07:5512:0514:0017:5521:0523:59